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The Communal Areas

The natural beauty of Battersea Park is echoed in the interior design of the communal areas at Battersea Place. Natural motifs and materials were used in the décor, bringing the outdoors in.

The communal lounge is decorated in a green pallet, reflecting the colours of the park. In contrast, the lower levels of the restaurant are decorated in a mixture of greys, emulating the style of a Michelin-star restaurant. The floors are finished with natural tones and wooden panels and birch twigs have been used in keeping with the nature theme. In the hallways, black edging and skirting boards and stark carpets of the best quality, have been used in the design.

At all times during the design process, safety and comfort of the residents were paramount. For example, the heights of the chair seats are all equal, and the sofas and armchairs are slightly higher than usual for ease of use. They are both comfortable to sit in and easy to rise from. In the restaurant, the dining chairs have curved arms so they can be easily used by residents with mobility issues. Everything has been carefully thought out and executed in the best possible taste.

The greatest care was taken to ensure that there is enough room for residents to move around. This is especially true where there is communal seating with communal areas designed to serve a variety of day-to-day purposes. Residents can watch television, use computers and read in the spaces available. Furnishings were selected both for their practical and elegant properties, with suppliers sourced to deliver the best results.

To make the reception area both practical and luxurious, a stain resistant, ivory carpet was used. Silk wallpaper with embroidery lines the walls. A bespoke lighting installation adds a touch of luxury and style to the area.