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4. Slip-proof floors

One of the biggest dangers in the home is slippery floors. These can cause trips and falls, which can be avoided by simply slip-proofing the floors. Applying slip-resistant coatings to the bathroom floor or treating the flooring with a tile-etching acid solution to keep them slip-resistant may provide a significant benefit. Outside paths may also become slippery in winter and can be treated with a light layer of sand to increase traction.

While decorative rugs and mats are aesthetically pleasing, they can pose a safety hazard. Rugs can bunch up or the corners which can create a true danger zone in the home. Skid-proofing rugs and mats or placing them on non-slip carpet pads is a great idea to prevent unwanted accidents. Another option is to tape or tack them down. If stairs are particularly slippery, they should be covered with non-skid treads.

Carpets may be replaced with cushioned non-slip flooring which is easy to clean and enables wheelchairs and walkers to run smoothly and evenly.