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LifeCare Residences’ Commitment to Care

The importance of nursing homes extends beyond merely offering a place of residence, they offer a level of care that is tailored to the unique needs of residents. Nursing homes such as The Albert Suites (London) and Somerleigh Court Nursing Home (Dorchester), owned and operated by award-winning LifeCare Residences, serve as an important cornerstone of the community for individuals needing respite and care with a ‘home from home’ environment. The specialised care offered, addresses the multifaceted needs of residents, encompassing medical care, assistance with daily activities and emotional support. Such comprehensive care ensures that residents maintain a quality of life that aligns with their individual health conditions. When looking at the current climate in the UK with junior doctors and the continuing strikes (which amounted to 34 days in 2023), staying in nursing homes such as The Albert Suites and Somerleigh Court gives residents the reassurance that their care provisions will be undisturbed and round the clock. As reported by The Guardian; ‘all 113,779 appointments were cancelled. That total included 104,551 outpatient appointments and 9,228 elective – or non-urgent – operations.’ Matthew Taylor, the Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation Hospitals Group, acknowledged the total number of cancelled appointments was “a significant underestimate because trusts have pre-emptively avoided making appointments during periods of industrial action, so the actual number of cancelled appointments could be double this”. In short, the ongoing strikes in the UK are resulting in a huge backlog of cancelled appointments and depriving older adults of being able to see their doctors and tend to their health needs in a timely manner. This peace of mind is extremely important to further facilitate healing and when people have care needs, they usually need to be seen to promptly, and LIfeCare’s nursing homes offer a dedicated, individually tailored solution – with no disruptions.

The Albert Suites is a state-of-the-art nursing facility in London. Situated within a luxury retirement community, Battersea Place, are 27 exclusive suites designed to offer an enriched quality of life for discerning patients amidst a discreet and dignified provision of care. An experienced, on-site nursing team are highly trained to manage a breadth of complex care needs and circumstances ranging from rehabilitation, short-term convalescence and post-operative support to long-term nursing or palliative care. Drawing on LifeCare’s 35 years’ experience as an internationally renowned provider of care, The Albert Suites is registered with and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. Committed to delivering authentic choice, the Albert Suites offer a host of hotel-inspired facilities from 24-hour room service to a chef-led menu that provides restaurant-plated meals, rich in nutritional value. Personalised physiotherapy programmes aid recovery and well-being, with additional social stimulus provided through a calendar of cultural events. A team of dedicated staff ensures that every aspect of a resident’s stay is attended to with the utmost care. From concierge services that anticipate needs to housekeeping that exceeds expectations, the commitment to hospitality is woven into the fabric of the Albert Suites experience. Experience a new standard of senior living, where luxury meets care.

The son of a resident recently wrote of the Albert Suites, “This truly was not a care home, it was more a hotel. My father spent many happy times engaging with a variety of staff forming strong relationships with them and some of the other residents too.” Industry Bible, Carehome.co.uk. regularly rates the Albert Suites at an impressive 9.5 out of ten, with many positive reviews reinforcing this score. “The care I received at the Albert Suites was exemplary. It was such a comforting atmosphere where the staff were amazing and the food was delicious. I found the whole place to be safe and cossetting. Like a wonderful hotel with extras, company and the medical care I needed.” A further reviewer adds, “The Albert Suites maintains high standards in every practical way, but also in nurturing the mental and emotional needs of their residents.” For these reasons it comes as no surprise that The Albert Suites has been consistently included in the prestigious Knight Frank Luxury Care Homes Guide and won awards including a high commendation at the Care Home Awards.

Somerleigh Court Nursing Home, located in the heart of Dorchester, and just a stone’s throw from the Borough Gardens, serves as an important and valued hub for locals to recuperate and heal in the comfort of warm, and cosy rooms. Visitors and residents often comment on the ‘family-feel’ of the care home and the team goes to great lengths to ensure that residents are well taken care of. Somerleigh Court Nursing Home has regularly attained the Gold Standards Framework platinum standard – which is the highest level awarded by this body. The following reviews go some way to exemplifying why the team is rated so highly for their levels of care; “… the staff were responsive, caring, warm, friendly and at the same time, provided professional, expert nursing care.” And another; “Thank you to all at Somerleigh Court – all the carers and nurses and management, you should all be very proud and I would be happy to recommend Somerleigh Court to anyone who has a loved one that needs nursing care.” The 9.7 out of 10 on www.carehome.co.uk is testament to the level of commitment to care and compassion residents can expect to receive.

At the Albert Suites, residents are able to take advantage of the delicious food on offer at the on-site chef-led restaurant which offers an impressive room service menu, featuring nutritious, freshly prepared favourites. The team is keen to feature locally produced ingredients on the menu which helps to create healthy, better-tasting and more nutritionally balanced dishes and are only too happy to re-heat home cooked, family meals that have been dropped off by a family member, such as a nourishing chicken soup, which are then delivered to the residents’ suites for them to enjoy a taste of home cooked family goodness. The restaurant-plated meals are much appreciated by the residents. One commented, “The food was so lovely and despite being very busy, the catering team were happy to assist with my special dietary requirements. The team at the Albert Suites is truly wonderful!” Good nutrition and health go hand in hand, and there is a real emphasis on providing hearty, health-driven meals to encourage recovery. A nutritious diet also plays a significant role in cognitive health, and certain nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants found in fish, nuts and vegetables have been linked to a reduced risk in cognitive decline. The importance of nutrition extends far beyond simple sustenance, and recognising and addressing the unique nutritional needs of older adults is an integral part of promoting healing and ensuring a higher quality of life in later years.

Both nursing homes operated and owned by LifeCare Residences redefine the standard of senior care with an unwavering commitment to the well-being of residents. The expert teams of healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing personalised care plans that cater to the unique needs of each individual. There is a continuum of care that ensures a tailored approach to health and wellness. Going by the ethos of ‘we care about living life’ great attention to detail has been made to ensuring that residents who stay at both The Albert Suites (London) and Somerleigh Court (Dorchester) are able to engage in enriching activities, connect with fellow residents, and enjoy a sense of belonging in a ‘home from home’ environment. Community is at the heart of our approach, and we encourage family involvement in the care journey. Regular communication, family events, and a transparent caregiving process ensure that loved ones are an integral part of the resident’s experience at The Albert Suites and Somerleigh Court. Embrace a life of comfort, companionship, and exceptional healthcare. Your journey to compassionate senior living begins here.

If you would like to learn more about our care offering and how we can enhance the ‘every day’ please call 0800 009 6950. For those who are unable to visit in person, we are also able to offer virtual tours of our communities at your convenience.

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