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Making the right move towards a more fulfilled social life

Staying socially connected is vital to our well-being. A good social life helps to provide us with a sense of belonging and enriches our personal identity, as well as adding meaning to our lives and strengthening our confidence. Socializing provides support, making it easier to handle problems, whilst keeping stress levels in check. A win in our book!

For some, socializing after retirement can prove to be a huge challenge. Oftentimes, retirees may see their social circles dwindling and, as a result, some may find themselves spending more time alone or relying on family for company.

Did you know, it has been reported that staying socially active is just as important to our health as staying physically active. Socializing can actually sharpen our cognitive skills and memory, increase our sense of happiness and may even prolong our lives, as well as lowering the risk of dementia. In other words – the power of socializing cannot be understated.

Rightsize to socialize

By nature, human beings are social creatures and thrive on making connections with others, and building a sense of community. There are fundamental benefits to social interaction, for all people, but especially for those of retirement age.  Psychologist, Dr Craig Sawchuk, agrees that socializing is the key to good health, adding, “Just being able to shoot the breeze, you know, about certain things can be a very, very positive type of thing.”

What is rightsizing? Rightsizing essentially means moving into a home that suits your current needs. Author, Kathy Gottberg defines rightsizing like this, “it is the conscious choice to create a life and a lifestyle that more sustainably aligns with your unique self in the best possible way at every stage best of all, rightsizing is about what brings your life meaning, what makes you smile, and allows you to sleep well and deeply every single night. If you don’t have that now, maybe it’s time to rightsize your life.”

Award-winning retirement community operator, LifeCare Residences, pride themselves on providing retirees with living arrangements which offer a full-spectrum of five-star amenities and services that not only make day-to-day living smoother, but are run more like high-end hotels. The support services provided are second to none; including, but not limited to; housekeeping, laundry services, room service, maintenance support, domiciliary care and courtesy shuttle. Moreover, a dedicated 24-hour concierge service can take the hassle out of organising daily tasks by helping with dry-cleaning, post, tickets to events, taxis, and travel. These on-site amenities are not something many people usually have on their doorstep but are enjoyed to the full by many residents at LifeCare Residences communities.

Community and Social Interaction

All residents at LifeCare communities in Battersea Place in London, Somerleigh Court in Dorchester, Dorset and Grove Place in Hampshire benefit from the services of a lifestyle co-ordinator who organises local excursions, talks from visiting speakers on a variety of topics, on-site activities and functions.  Many new residents find their social circle expanding once again, as they have an opportunity to meet and make friends in the comfort of their own home with like-minded, vibrant individuals. With numerous opportunities to socialize; including during meals, leisure experiences and outings, many residents find a restored sense of purpose and joy in their social lives once they move in! One of our residences, Grove Place, and set in the rural Hampshire countryside, is now home to retirees Elaine and Philip Gaussen who made their rightsizing move there to begin the next chapter in their lives and have never looked back. Elaine adds, “We hadn’t realized how strong the Grove Place community was before we arrived. It’s so lovely to have nice friends and neighbours to socialise with. Everyone is so kind, and we feel at home here.”

Like all LifeCare Residences communities, Grove Place provides ample opportunity for residents to meet like-minded people and even get involved in a range of activities and clubs on offer – be it board games, craft, ukulele, cards, falconry, archery, bridge, or music. Rightsizing to a retirement community can give retirees back their independence and a renewed sense of living life on their own terms. Freed from chores, less reliant on family or friends for assistance, and with more time and energy to enjoy meeting new friends and hobbies – many residents feel happier and healthier in their new lifestyle. Indeed, all these opportunities open many doors – so much so, that recently, a couple who met at Grove Place were recently married!

As well as feeling part of a community and relishing the social side of things, the sense of maintaining one’s independence is one of the key drivers for retirees to rightsize to a retirement community. It is reassuring for residents and family members alike to know that a caring team is at hand, 24-hours a day.  All residences operated by LifeCare Residences have guest apartments available for visiting friends and family. Tricia Caffyn and her husband Neville made the move to Grove Place, in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and relish the sense of security that comes with such a supportive community and a sense of newfound independence. They still enjoy running their own lifestyle but with the added knowledge that they can choose between entertaining friends in their apartment for example – or popping out to enjoy a meal at the restaurant with other residents. Tricia comments, “We are still very much in charge of our own routine. Grove Place has enabled us to enter the next stage of our lives with the confidence that our lifestyle doesn’t have to be compromised.”

A resident of award-winning retirement community, Battersea Place in London, Virginia Darbyshire agrees, “I had lived in my last house for about 40 years, and quite simply, it had become too big … I knew I wanted a property that required less maintenance, which would enable me to invest in more time in my interests.” Her daughter Gaby adds, “The transition has been incredibly smooth and it’s reassuring to know that there is help and support on hand should Mum need it. When we first visited Battersea Place, we were impressed with the standard and facilities on offer, and in many ways Mum now has a better quality of life than I do and a busier social life!  It feels a little like a luxury hotel with its pool and restaurant and cinema.”

If you would like to learn more about our offering and how we can enhance the ‘every day’ please call 0800 009 6950. For those who are unable to visit in person, we are also able to offer virtual tours of our communities at your convenience.

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