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Other retirement villages just don’t come close - Pam Snow

Before retirement, Pam Snow lived in 28 different places around the world. She explains why Grove Place is somewhere she can stay forever.

Moving into Grove Place was relatively easy. When you’ve lived in as many different places as I have, packing and unpacking a few boxes is no problem. I moved here from a house on the Isle of Wight and I had family members on hand to help pack and discard things I no longer needed.

I was a Navy wife, which is why we moved about so much. Before my husband died, just over 11 years ago, we had decided we’d ultimately like to live in a retirement village. We didn’t get the chance to do it together, but after looking at a few different places, I decided Grove Place was right for me. The others just didn’t come close.

I moved in just before the Covid-19 lockdown, and I’m so glad I did! There are 27 acres of land with a woodland walk so more than enough room for daily exercise. My apartment overlooks a sunken garden that has been part of the estate since it belonged to a manor house in Elizabethan times. It’s impossible to feel cooped up here. The original building is still part of Grove Place — it’s amazing to have that as part of the place I live.

I grew up in Hampshire, so I feel connected to the area, but it was the friendly nature of the residents that made my mind up to move here. There’s a great cross section of people from all walks of life. It really helped during lockdown. I was able to keep in socially  distanced contact with plenty of people and it really kept my spirits up. You are never lonely here. There is always someone to talk to or something to do.

The facilities here are great. There are so many activities as well. I enjoy the art club and the crafty ladies club, and I also do aqua aerobics in Grove Place’s private pool. Afterwards, I often find myself in the lounge with a few of the other residents enjoying a cup of coffee.

There is plenty to do outside as well. Romsey is close by with restaurants and shops and its famous Norman Abbey. The surrounding countryside is full of places to explore. I also get plenty of visits from friends and family. I have six great grandchildren who keep me young at heart.

With all the opportunities for a good life here, you can really have a fulfilling retirement. I still travel a lot and have three holidays planned this year. The first one is to South Africa, which is very exciting, but it’s always lovely to come home to Grove Place.

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