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Rightsizing to a one-bed home in retirement

It has been estimated in a recent survey that two in three people will consider moving to a smaller home in their retirement. For many retirees, the key driver for considering a move is to release equity to help fund their retirement as years of rising house prices in some parts of the country have given some retirees an asset they probably never expected to have. Of those who didn’t want to downsize (or rightsize!), two in five said it was because they were too attached to their home. Many retirees do not like the idea of leaving an area where they are comfortable, and leaving a home in which they have built up a lifetime of memories, or even moving somewhere smaller where there is no room for the grandchildren. However, award-winning, and internationally renowned retirement community operator LifeCare Residences is eager to dispel any concerns that retirees may have as they pride themselves on providing retirees with vibrant places to live, offering a full-spectrum of five-star amenities and services that not only make day-to-day living smoother but also help to free up time and allow residents to spend more time dedicated to their hobbies. LifeCare Residences endeavors for rightsizing to be a positive experience – bringing with it plenty of benefits.

The team at LifeCare Residences is keen to highlight the many reasons for retirees to consider rightsizing during retirement – and there are plenty of reasons that exemplify why considering a one-bedroom home is the way forward. Moving to a one-bedroom home in a retirement community can save living costs. Living in a large family home may have worked perfectly, but as you get older, the advantage of all that space soon becomes outweighed by the disadvantage of large bills and the sheer effort needed to clean and maintain it. Another attraction of rightsizing is to release capital from your home and keep bills lower. Rightsizing will also help to save on other expenses such as council tax and buildings and contents insurance. Additionally, owning and maintaining a home is a big ask for anyone, therefore it comes as no surprise that many retirees often find the maintenance involved more taxing as they age. Garden maintenance, cleaning, personal security, and other tasks can become a concern and a major chore. The dedicated LifeCare Residences on-site team also takes care of the immaculate grounds and exterior maintenance at Grove Place in Hampshire, Battersea Place in London, and Somerleigh Court in Dorchester, Dorset. There are also additional services across all three villages, such as housekeeping and domiciliary care to provide extra care should you require it.

Indeed, one such couple, Mr and Mrs Aldred, who recently retired to the LifeCare Residences community, Grove Place in the heart of Hampshire concur, saying, “We thought it would be hard moving into a one-bedroom bungalow, but it couldn’t have been easier. We moved here to make life more manageable, there was no need for us to have more than one-bedroom. We have everything we could possibly need here.”

The sense of maintaining one’s independence is one of the key drivers for retirees to rightsize. It is reassuring for residents and family members alike to know that a caring team is at hand, 24-hours a day. Tricia Caffyn and her husband Neville also made the move to Grove Place and relish the feeling of security that comes with such a supportive community and a sense of newfound independence. They still enjoy running their own lifestyle but with the added knowledge that they can choose between entertaining friends in their apartment for example – or stepping out to enjoy a meal at the chef-led restaurant with other residents. Tricia adds, “We are still very much in charge of our own routine. Grove Place has enabled us to enter the next stage of our lives with the confidence that our lifestyle doesn’t have to be compromised.”

The main concern for many retirees who consider downsizing is the lack of space to accommodate their friends and family. But at LifeCare Residences communities there is always room for visiting family members and friends to stay in the well-appointed guest apartments, and they are also able to get involved in the vast array of activities on-site as well as enjoy the many attractions on the doorstep. Battersea Place – London’s first luxury retirement community, operated by LifeCare Residences, sits just a stone’s throw away from the vast Battersea Park boasting a zoo, as well as being a short drive from the famed King’s Road, Natural History Museum, and The Saatchi Gallery. Caroline Hamilton retired to Battersea Place, selling her five-bedroom family home, and has never looked back. She can host and entertain family and friends frequently. “My family is greeted warmly at Battersea Place. I have a lovely home and I appreciate the support of all the lovely staff. The fact that my family can visit often is the icing on the cake – I can enjoy my easier, more relaxed lifestyle and still have my children and grandchildren over to stay as I would do in my old house.”

Living in a large family home may have worked perfectly, but as you get older, the advantage of all that space soon becomes outweighed by the disadvantage of large bills and the sheer effort needed to clean the accumulated clutter. Rightsizing to a smaller home offers the ideal opportunity to declutter. Studies have been published on the benefits of decluttering – when people go through the process of decluttering, they can feel a sense of freedom and liberation. However, decluttering for those of retirement age can be especially difficult. For many older adults, their homes contain a lifetime’s worth of memories – photos, artwork, clothes in the attic, dusty old toys in the basement, furniture – the list is endless. Decluttering can be both physically and mentally draining, even though too much clutter can exacerbate anxiety and depression. A resident of the award-winning retirement community, Battersea Place in London, Virginia Darbyshire faced the daunting prospect of decluttering her family home when she decided to rightsize. However, she claims that the idea of decluttering is more daunting than reality, as the results can be incredibly freeing. “I had lived in my last house for about 40 years, and quite simply, it had become too big … I knew I wanted a property that required less maintenance, which would enable me to invest more time in my interests.”

When moving to a retirement community such as the ones operated by LifeCare Residences, residents are able to enjoy the many exceptional community facilities and extensive amenities on offer and do not need as much room as previously required. In a nutshell, the living and community spaces become so much more than just their immediate apartments. Your actual ‘living space’ is not simply confined to your apartment. Residents at Grove Place – where there are currently two one-bedroom apartments for sale – can enjoy almost unlimited access to 27-acres of beautifully designed grounds within the Hampshire countryside – including a historical sunken garden, stunning meadows bursting with flowering plants and woodland walks with approximately 875 trees – as well as the New Forest beyond. It doesn’t stop there. For those keen to get more actively involved outdoors, residents at Grove Park can enjoy the beautifully tended croquet lawns and even the immaculate nine-hole putting green. Additionally, both Battersea Place in London and Grove Place in Hampshire boast well-equipped indoor gyms and heated indoor swimming pools which are available for the exclusive use of residents and their families. Battersea Place residents can participate in on-site physical activities such as regular Pilates, ballet, and meditation classes held in the gym.

Additionally, beyond their own living space, residents can get involved in a wealth of clubs and activities – from choir clubs and aqua aerobics at Grove Place, museum and gallery visits at Battersea Place to yoga, baking classes, and live music entertainment at Somerleigh Court.

Rightsizing in retirement is a great idea as it provides a unique opportunity to start afresh, live somewhere new, and make new friends while reducing your outgoings and spending more time doing the things you love.

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