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Starting a New Chapter

“At our stage in life, you couldn’t wish you to be in any better place.”

– Grove Place Residents

With the festive season in full swing, and the new year just around the corner, now is a good time to assess goals and actions for the upcoming year. The advent of a new year brings with it the promise of fresh starts. It serves as a symbolic threshold, inviting individuals to embrace change and new beginnings. In many ways, the concept of ‘retirement’ acts in the same way. Retirement marks a profound shift in one’s life, signalling the end of a career and the dawn of a new chapter. The concept of new beginnings in retirement encompasses a spectrum of experiences, emotions, and opportunities. Retirement provides the gift of time – a commodity often scarce during a busy career. This surplus of time allows retirees to pursue long-neglected passions, hobbies, or embark on entirely new ventures. Whether it’s dedicating time to artistic pursuits, travel, or community service, retirees find themselves with the freedom to explore and engage with activities that bring them genuine joy and fulfilment.

Award-winning and internationally renowned retirement community operator, LifeCare Residences represents a paradigm shift in the way individuals approach aging and retirement. These unique living arrangements blend elements of independent living and skilled nursing care (should needs arise) into a comprehensive continuum of care. At the core of LifeCare Residences, is the commitment to providing a seamless transition through various stages of aging. Grove Place (Hampshire), Battersea Place (London) and Somerleigh Court (Dorchester) offer independent living for those in their later life, allowing them to maintain a sense of autonomy and freedom. This integrated approach ensures that residents can age in place without the need to relocate, fostering a sense of continuity and stability.

A new chapter may be as simple as trying something new that makes you happy. This could be a popular resolution like taking more exercise or eating better — these things do, over time, tend to make people healthier and happier. Moving into a retirement community such as the ones owned and operated by LifeCare Residences could help provide the perfect opportunity to foster positive, new beginnings. And one of the greatest benefits of retirement can be embracing the newfound freedom and flexibility it brings for retirees to pursue their passions and interests without the constraints of a traditional work schedule.

It is well known that physical activity and exercise are good for you and there are many studies that prove the health benefits associated with exercise, which becomes even more important as we age. The team at LifeCare Residences recognises the importance of staying physically active for the wellbeing of their residents. The communities offer a wealth of opportunities for residents to exercise in all weathers – both indoors and outdoors.  Despite being situated in the heart of London, residents at luxury retirement community Battersea Place can simply step over the road to enjoy the beauty and 200 acres of wide-open space of Battersea Park; whether for a brisk walk, a gentle stroll in the lovely gardens or a spot of tennis, boules, bowls, or croquet. Grove Place, a magnificent retirement community operated by LifeCare Residences in rural Hampshire countryside, provides access not only to spectacular grounds, but also borders the beautifully wild New Forest, a haven for dog walkers and nature enthusiasts alike. Residents at Grove Place can enjoy almost unlimited access to 27 acres of beautifully designed grounds – including a historical sunken garden, stunning meadows bursting with flowering plants and woodland walks with approximately 875 trees – as well as the New Forest beyond. For those keen to get more actively involved outdoors, residents at Grove Park can enjoy the bespoke croquet lawns and the immaculate nine-hole putting green or even turn their hand to a spot of gardening. Somerleigh Court, in Dorchester, is on the doorstep of Borough Gardens, a beautiful 19th century park laid out to the design of William Goldring – who was the brain behind Kew Gardens. Residents can access the adult fitness equipment at the park as well as the four tennis courts which are open all year round. Both Battersea Place and Grove Place boast well-equipped gyms and heated indoor swimming pools which are only available for the exclusive use of residents and their families. Residents at Battersea Place can take part in on-site physical activities such as regular Pilates, ballet, reiki, and meditation classes which are held in the gym.  At Grove Place, residents benefit from the services of a dedicated fitness trainer who offers personal training and aquarobics which are popular with the residents.

There are so many ways the new year can bring you happiness. For instance, a new hobby. This could be reading more, taking photos, crafting, cooking, or another activity that enables you to gain new skills and explore your creative side. It could also include enjoying more social activities as meeting people after retirement can prove a challenge for some, with social circles becoming smaller. All residents at the LifeCare Residences communities in Battersea Place in London, Somerleigh Court in Dorchester, Dorset and Grove Place in Hampshire benefit from the services of a lifestyle co-ordinator who organises local excursions, talks from visiting speakers on a variety of topics, on-site activities and functions.  Many new residents find their social circle expanding once again, as they have an opportunity to meet and make friends in the comfort of their own home with like-minded, vibrant people. With numerous opportunities to socialise, including during meals, leisure experiences and outings, many residents find a restored sense of purpose and joy in their social lives once they move in.

A new beginning can mean a time to get finances in order. Moving to a retirement community can also save living costs. Living in a large family home may have worked perfectly, but as you get older, the advantage of all that space soon becomes outweighed by the disadvantage of large bills and the sheer effort needed to clean and maintain it. It is estimated that the energy bills for a small house or flat will be just two thirds that of a medium house and less than half of the bills for a large house. Moving to a retirement community will also help save on other expenses such as council tax and buildings insurance.

Sometimes, a new beginning could simply be the desire to maintain a sense of independence in retirement. The sense of maintaining one’s independence is one of the key drivers for retirees to rightsize to a retirement community. It is reassuring for residents and family members alike to know that a caring team is at hand, 24-hours a day should it be required.  All residences operated by LifeCare Residences have guest apartments – perfect for visiting friends and family.

Lifecare Residences redefines the aging experience by offering a comprehensive and flexible approach to senior living. With an emphasis on wellness, and a supportive community environment, the retirement villages owned and operated by LifeCare Residences provide a blueprint to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle. Lifecare Residences stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of senior living, prioritising the dignity, autonomy, and well-being of individuals as they navigate the later stages of life. Like the new year, retirement may mark the end of one’s working life, but it can be the start of a whole new chapter. As we look forward to the new year, it is important to remember that retirement is not the end, but a new beginning.

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