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Summer Dressing

All fashion commentators say that there is nothing quite like a flattering dress to make you feel good – and you never know when you might need something glamorous on standby, ready for a spontaneous summer outing or family BBQ. Current fashion advice on the best summer dress is literally whatever you feel comfortable in! Shopping for the ideal summer dress is no problem for residents at Battersea Place as London is considered to be the shopping capital of the world with its famous shopping destinations such as Bond Street, Oxford Street as well as King’s Road in Chelsea and the two Westfield Shopping Centre’s (with over 250 stores to choose from) and smaller boutiques off Marylebone High Street. The central London location of Battersea Place is ideal for a spot of summer shopping with its handy transport links or even a chauffeur service on hand to keep you cool. Residents in Somerleigh Court in Dorchester also have the benefit of being situated in the heart of the town with its buzzing high street and a wide variety of shops – all a mere stroll away.

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