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Battersea Place - Celebrating Seven Pioneering Years

Seven years ago, the courtyard gardens at Battersea Place – London’s first luxury retirement community – were transformed into a magical scene from Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to celebrate the launch of the capital’s first luxury retirement community. Now, seven years on, Battersea Place continues to set the bar ever higher, cementing its place as a titan in the integrated retirement community sector, demonstrating the value of providing exceptional care, leisure and lifestyle opportunities that promote social interaction and well-being. Its unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable service and five-star amenities is unrivalled and has garnered praise from residents and the wider community. This year, to celebrate, staff, residents and their friends and families will be treated to a sumptuous classic cream tea in the courtyard garden, delving into fresh scones, organic preserves and, of course, champagne.

Battersea Place is operated by award-winning and internationally renowned retirement community operator, LifeCare Residences, who provide vibrant communities to live in, offering a full spectrum of five-star amenities and services. Designed to bridge the gap between independent and assisted living, Battersea Place sensitively integrates a high-end London residence with a discreet, state-of-the-art care capability should a resident’s needs change. Located opposite London’s famed Battersea Park, Battersea Place comprises an exclusive collection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses and is also ideally placed for easy access to many of London’s attractions, such as the notable King’s Road, Battersea Power Station and The Saatchi Gallery.  Despite being situated in the heart of London, residents at Battersea Place are able to simply step over the road to enjoy the beauty and 200 acres of wide-open spaces of Battersea Park for a brisk walk or a gentle stroll in the lovely gardens or a spot of tennis, boules, bowls or croquet. This unique proximity to tranquil green space ensures a perfect blend of modern city living, coupled with the relaxing benefits of nature. In addition, Battersea Place has all the facilities found in the best hotels, including a restaurant and café bar on-site as well as a swimming pool, spa pool, gym, private courtyard garden, billiards room, lounge and library. For enjoyment further afield, there is a chauffeur service and a fleet of cars available to use.

Anne Hobson, an inaugural resident, moved from Fulham to Battersea Place in 2016 with her partner, Christopher. Anne describes their initial reaction to Battersea Place; “When we went to look at Battersea Place, we thought, ‘Actually, this is what we want – it’s got everything.’” Reflecting on the move, Anne observes, “What I loved more than anything was how lovely the people were here; not just the staff but the people who moved in.  Everybody cared about everyone else.  I found that very, very rewarding. People very easily make friends.” Seven years on and Anne sees a transformation in new residents moving in, “I find it remarkable because I see people arriving and they can look terribly apprehensive and I think ‘I understand how you feel, you’re worried, you don’t know what you’re going to – it’s an unknown quantity. You were probably happy in your last place but for various reasons you’re moving.’  What’s incredible is they come in looking sad and withdrawn, and suddenly you see them three or four weeks later – they’re sitting playing Scrabble with somebody or they are outside reading a newspaper and there’s always happiness there.  I have never come into any room and not seen happiness which is quite something.” When asked how living at Battersea Place has transformed Anne’s own life, she responds “It’s confidence.  You get confident that you can cope with life. I used to worry if I had a fall, my beloved daughter would have to travel down to London from Warwickshire, and I didn’t want that for her.  I wanted her to feel that wherever I was, I was self-sufficient.  I don’t want for anything now.  The staff are lovely – they are there to help you and they really do – they are wonderful. There’s a lot that’s given to you which I don’t think you would get anywhere else. So, it’s like being in a very good hotel.” Anne concludes, “I think this is joyful. I don’t think there is anything better than living here.”

The anniversary celebration, celebrating seven years of Battersea Place, serves as an important reminder of just how important socialisation and community are to daily life, especially in retirement years. Socialising after retirement can prove a challenge for some, with social circles becoming smaller, and as a result, some may find themselves spending more time alone or relying on family for company. Positive social interactions on a consistent basis keep one’s brain stimulated, mentally sharp and intellectually engaged which in turn can help prevent general cognitive decline. Moreover, staying socially active and feeling part of a community empowers self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. Across all LifeCare Residences communities, residents benefit from the services of a lifestyle co-ordinator who organises local excursions, talks from visiting speakers on a variety of topics, and on-site activities and functions. The dedicated team at Battersea Place works tirelessly to create the perfect blend of independent living and support, in which residents can remain active and sociable while also benefitting from expert care tailored to their individual needs. The team at Battersea Place is dedicated to helping facilitate a wide array of clubs, activities and classes to get involved with, such as the popular Theatre and Opera Supper Clubs, a Book Club and a Gentleman’s Discussion Club. In addition, the team arranges bespoke dinners in the on-site restaurant skilfully made by the chef and his brigade, live screenings from the Royal Opera House as well as Residents’ talks and lectures from visiting film and art historians. Not to mention, the frequent visits to museums and art galleries such as the V&A Museum and the Andipa Gallery.

LifeCare Residences CEO, Jane Smart, comments; “To be able to celebrate the seven-year anniversary of Battersea Place is priceless.  From its very inception as London’s first luxury retirement community, we have sought to provide outstanding services and amenities to residents.  With our unwavering commitment to enriching later lives, the continued success of Battersea Place is a very welcome testament to our team and their efforts.”  As for the next chapter, Jane has high hopes for Battersea Place; “Over the next seven years, I see Battersea Place continuing to grow and evolve, whilst maintaining the award-winning services residents have come to expect. The future is bright and I’m excited to see what’s next for us.”

As Battersea Place celebrates this significant milestone, its remarkable success is an attestation to the enduring appeal and importance of exceptional, integrated retirement communities. The future is bright for Battersea Place, as it continues to lead the way for luxurious, innovative and compassionate retirement living.

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