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Celebrating Care and Compassion

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop


On 12th May 2022, International Nurses Day will be observed and celebrated around the world. The special day falls on the day of Florence Nightingale’s birth. At the end of the 19th century, ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ — or as she is more widely known, Florence Nightingale — founded modern nursing. Thanks to her strict use of handwashing and hygiene practices while caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, Nightingale and her helpers reduced the death rate from 42% to 2% — ushering in nursing as we know it today. On May 12th, we recognise the important role nurses and those in the caring profession play in our lives.

In the same way, the teams at LifeCare Residences’ award-winning retirement retirement communities are hugely committed to providing outstanding levels of care and compassion to residents. Compassion is an indispensable part of nursing and patient care. Even the smallest of responses can convey compassion. The following quote from Leo Buscaglia, the author of a series of best-selling books on human relationships perfectly sums up the teams’ commitment to care; “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” The care teams at LifeCare Residences fully recognise that complete patient care goes beyond just caring for the physical health of their residents – they realise the importance of addressing their emotional state and observing any additional stresses they may be experiencing, such as familial relationships for example. In fact, you could say that caring and nursing forms the very DNA of LifeCare Residences, given that New Zealand founder Cliff Cook’s mother was a nurse, which was a strong driving factor behind him entering the sector. His view on positive ageing is inextricably linked to the ethos of ‘living the life you choose’, which is to enhance access to care and support services within and across retirement communities and to ensure that every resident has equal opportunity to access the right services at the right time.

It is also important to remember that the communities operated by award-winning LifeCare Residences provide vibrant places to live, offering a full-spectrum of five-star amenities and services that not only make day-to-day living smoother, but they also help to free up time allowing retirees the luxury of time to appreciate the pastimes and hobbies they’ve longed to enjoy. Retirees can be assured that the teams at LifeCare Residences are dedicated to putting the comfort of their residents first by providing a wealth of five-star amenities that help to ensure that well-earned retirement years are lived to the full and to embrace the freedom of having daily chores handled by caring support. Many residents don’t rely on the care facilities that are in place at the LifeCare Residences communities, but simply knowing that option is available and can be easily factored into their daily lives (should it ever be required) is something that residents and family members alike find both liberating and reassuring. Elaine Gaussen, a resident at Grove Place, a beautiful retirement community operated by LifeCare Residences in the Hampshire countryside, concurs; “We’re confident that Grove Place will keep us entertained, even if we become less mobile. With its host of communal spaces and on-site restaurant, we’re assured that life will never become dull. We knew when we came here, we were planning for the lives we live now – but also for the changing needs or circumstances that might arise in the future. It feels like Grove Place can cater for all eventualities.”

The commitment to care and compassion shown by the LifeCare Residences’ teams is reflected in the many glowing reviews they receive on www.carehome.co.uk – the leading UK Care Home review website. The Albert Suites, situated within London’s first luxury retirement community, Battersea Place, comprises 27 exclusive suites designed to offer an enriched quality of life with a discreet and dignified provision of care. The son of a resident recently wrote of The Albert Suites, “This truly was not a care home, it was more a hotel! My father spent may happy times engaging with a variety of staff forming strong relationships with them and some of the other residents too.” The average score rating for The Albert Suites is an impressive 9.7 out of ten, with many positive reviews reinforcing this score. “The care I received at the Albert Suites was exemplary. It was such a comforting atmosphere where the staff were amazing and the food was delicious. I found the whole place to be safe and cossetting. Like a wonderful hotel with extras, company and the medical care I needed.” And finally, another review adds, “The Albert Suites maintains high standards in every practical way, but also in nurturing the mental and emotional needs of their residents.” For these reasons it comes as no surprise that The Albert Suites is included in the prestigious Knight Frank Luxury Care Homes Guide 2022 and won a high commendation at the Care Home Awards in 2020.

Somerleigh Court, located in the heart of the historic town of Dorchester in Dorset, comprises 68 one and two-bedroom apartments and boasts an extensive range of resident amenities and healthcare services – including an on-site nursing home and dementia care. Somerleigh Court offers retirees a fully independent lifestyle, but with the reassurance of excellent care, if needed. Somerleigh Court regularly attains the platinum standard – which is the highest level awarded by The Gold Standards Framework – a kitemark accreditation for quality care. The following reviews go some way to exemplifying why the team are rated so highly for their levels of care; “… the staff were responsive, caring, warm, friendly and at the same time, provided professional, expert nursing care.” And another; “Thank you to you all at Somerleigh Court, all the carers and nurses and management staff, you should all be very proud and I would be happy to recommend Somerleigh Court to everyone who has a loved one that needs nursing care.”

Grove Place, near Romsey in Hampshire, combines a stunning 16th century red brick Manor House with a range of top-end, contemporary, purpose-built apartments and bungalows. LifeCare Residences is planning a purpose-built nursing home at Grove Place which will comprise 30 specialist nursing and dementia bedrooms, along with generous shared communal facilities, stunning landscaped gardens, and car parking. The building will also include 20 close care apartments. Grove Place itself boasts a rich and fascinating history and was pioneering in the field of medicine, with previous occupier, Lady Grace Sherington (1552 – 1620), gaining fame for making and dispensing medicines for the sick and infirm. She was also noted for her huge charitable efforts which again underlines the importance of care to the LifeCare Residences’ team.

If you would like to learn more about LifeCare Residences’ offering and how we can enhance the ‘every day’ please call T. 0800 009 6950. For those who are unable to visit in person, we are also able to offer virtual tours of our communities at your convenience.

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