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Home is More Than Four Walls – The Benefits of ‘Rightsizing’ In Retirement.

If you’re thinking about moving from your current home to a retirement community, you may have concerns about downsizing to a smaller property. However, what if you viewed this from a different perspective? Many leading retirement communities are now shifting their focus from purely building homes to creating fulfilling lifestyles, with hotel-inspired communal facilities and services. In this article we explore how ‘rightsizing’ is revolutionising later living.

What is Rightsizing?

Whilst downsizing involves moving to a smaller residence and all that entails (including decluttering and getting rid of possessions that my no longer fit in your new home), rightsizing is aligned with creating a lifestyle that is more fulfilling.
Innovative retirement communities, such as LifeCare Residences, offer environments that extend well beyond the apartment you live in. Residents enjoy a wealth of exclusive amenities, coupled with boutique services to enhance their lifestyles. For many, it’s a wonderful opportunity to start afresh, meet new friends and become part of a thriving community, enabling them to do more of the things they love and live life to the full.
Some of the many benefits of rightsizing include:

It’s Great for your Social Life

With the benefits of social interactions having a positive impact on health and wellbeing, it’s important to find ways to stay socially active during your retirement. For many, a move to a retirement community allows them to meet like-minded people who enjoy similar interests. At LifeCare Residences, we support a thriving social life for residents with numerous events, clubs and social gatherings. Amenities such as cinemas, bars, restaurants, billiards and hobbies rooms provide a stimulating environment to enjoy cultural pastimes and interaction. A minibus is available to transport residents on local excursions – many of which are co-ordinated by our Lifestyle Manager and tailored to individual tastes. Friends and family are also encouraged to share in your new lifestyle with an onsite guest apartment available for their convenience.

The Convenience Factor

At LifeCare Residences we provide easy access to a range of services to foster independence and make life easier. From a 24-hour concierge to room service, fitness classes, beauty treatments, local shopping excursions and many more. Transport is available in the form of pool cars, a minibus and even a chauffeur driven car for those special VIP occasions. There are also health and care services in the form of visiting GPs, domiciliary care and an onsite nursing home (if required).

It’s Low Maintenance

Banish any worries about the cost and effort of upkeeping a large property. Our dedicated onsite teams take care of the grounds and exterior maintenance. There are also additional services such as housekeeping and domiciliary care to provide extra support should you require it. For many this takes a weight off their mind, freeing them up to do all the things they have been looking forward to in retirement.

You’ll Feel Safer

At LifeCare Residences, our communities are purpose-built to enhance residents’ safety. Features include secure entrances and exits, overseen by a 24-hour concierge. Ground floors may also include burglar alarms and window sensors, with additional innovations including CCTV and number plate recognition.
In addition to physical safety, there is also the reassurance of access to care should you require it. Evidence shows that people recover more quickly when discharged from hospital if they live in a retirement community (rather than an independent property). There are fewer trips and falls for those living in specially built retirement developments. Residents’ apartments are equipped with an urgent call system (connecting to a 24-hour response team) for additional peace of mind

It May Be More Affordable Than You Think

Whilst moving from a larger home can release equity, there may also be additional financial benefits to moving. At LifeCare Residences, we offer a unique business model with a deferred membership fee which is akin to an ‘enjoy now and pay later’ philosophy. We also fix our monthly service charge and tariffs for the entire period of your ownership, giving you cost certainty over your regular outgoings.

What Next?

If you have taken the decision to rightsize, how do you decide which retirement community is right for you?
Start by taking an honest look at your values, goals and needs, both now and for the foreseeable future. Also consider what you might like to be doing with your new-found time and what amenities and services may facilitate this?
Location is equally important – many choose to stay in the area they are familiar with – close to friends and family.
The best providers will be transparent when it comes to the costs involved in buying a home in a retirement community. All your financial obligations should be completely clear before you commit to buy your property. It’s also advisable to involve your legal or financial advisers when reviewing the options. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is taken care of.
Here at LifeCare Residences we own and operate our retirement communities, ensuring the ongoing management of the facilities and amenities is maintained to the highest standards. We regularly invest in new innovations within our communities to enhance enjoyment of all that is on offer.
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