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Rightsize to socialize

By nature, human beings are social creatures and thrive on making connections with others, and building a sense of community. There are fundamental benefits to social interaction, for all people, but especially for those of retirement age.  Psychologist, Dr Craig Sawchuk, agrees that socializing is the key to good health, adding, “Just being able to shoot the breeze, you know, about certain things can be a very, very positive type of thing.”

What is rightsizing? Rightsizing essentially means moving into a home that suits your current needs. Author, Kathy Gottberg defines rightsizing like this, “it is the conscious choice to create a life and a lifestyle that more sustainably aligns with your unique self in the best possible way at every stage best of all, rightsizing is about what brings your life meaning, what makes you smile, and allows you to sleep well and deeply every single night. If you don’t have that now, maybe it’s time to rightsize your life.”

Award-winning retirement community operator, LifeCare Residences, pride themselves on providing retirees with living arrangements which offer a full-spectrum of five-star amenities and services that not only make day-to-day living smoother, but are run more like high-end hotels. The support services provided are second to none; including, but not limited to; housekeeping, laundry services, room service, maintenance support, domiciliary care and courtesy shuttle. Moreover, a dedicated 24-hour concierge service can take the hassle out of organising daily tasks by helping with dry-cleaning, post, tickets to events, taxis, and travel. These on-site amenities are not something many people usually have on their doorstep but are enjoyed to the full by many residents at LifeCare Residences communities.