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Do not stress about the move to the retirement community

Having to move at any given time in your life may be stressful. But when you are moving to a retirement community you could not be in better hands!

Moving into an exclusive retirement community will offer you all the support you need. The staff will make sure your transition is made as smoothly as possible. Any worries you may have about moving into the retirement community will be put at bay, as the staff will accommodate your needs and answer any questions in advance of the big day.

These are just some of our tips on moving to a retirement community. We understand that the prospect of moving to a new home can feel daunting but when you are in the hands of professionals, such as the team at LifeCare Residences, moving takes on a more seamless transition.

Our main tip is to not leave it too late. Many residents agree that making the move to a retirement community should be done sooner rather than later. This opinion is further justified by the benefits of being able to maximise all the fantastic opportunities that retirement community living has to offer.

Moving into a retirement community does not mean that you have to give up your current lifestyle. You are simply enhancing your life and benefiting from the premium services and amenities. Retirement communities combine the best of both worlds. Making this move as early as possible will allow you to enjoy all that is on offer.

Moving to a retirement community is a lifestyle choice for the over 65s and, as stated above, it is becoming increasingly popular. Among its many benefits, it helps to combat loneliness, offers a safer environment and may have benefits such as reduced visits to the hospital.

Well-designed properties may reduce the risk of trips or falls, enhanced by the offer of onsite care facilities. Living in a retirement community also enables much faster reaction times in case of emergencies.

LifeCare Residences is leading the way in retirement living, bridging the gap between independent and assisted living. It embodies a new proposition which sensitively integrates a high-end residence with a discreet, state-of-the-art care capability.

Living in a retirement community such as those offered by LifeCare Residences offers you the chance to enjoy and maintain your independence. You can rest easy knowing that there is professional support on hand whenever you need it.

LifeCare Residences has a number of excellent luxury, retirement communities to choose from. Whether it’s high-end London living or idyllic retirement villages in Hampshire, the choice is yours.

But no matter what retirement community you choose from, at LifeCare Residences you will benefit from the same high standard of living. Our retirement communities are designed to support your privacy and independence and are tailored to your own individual requirements.

With LifeCare Residences, you may choose from a wide range of living styles to suit your needs and preferences. You will have the opportunity to be involved in community life, socialise with other like-minded individuals and discover new interests. All in all, moving to a retirement community is an experience not to be missed.

LifeCare Residences is a renowned retirement community operator with over 30 years of experience in enriching lives. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding care, authentic choice and unrivalled hospitality with facilities of a five-star hotel quality.

To find out more about all that LifeCare Residences has to offer, please call free phone number 0800 009 6950 or E. [email protected] or visit www.lifecareresidences.co.uk