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Laughter and Charity

First and foremost, Red Nose Day and Comic Relief are important charity initiatives. But it is also interesting to note that there is a connection between how volunteering to help others has also been proven to make you happier. Basically, when we do good for others, it does us good right back! Research shows that we are happiest when we’re doing good for other people. Professor Santos, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University says, “People who do more volunteer work tend to be happier than those who don’t. This is a universal phenomenon. In fact, pro-social behaviour seems to cross most cultures and improve people’s happiness.”  The residents at Grove Place in Romsey, Hampshire are a particularly generous hearted group and readily give up their time and energy for charity fundraising events. Most notable are the ‘Desert Island Disc’ events that resident Mike Lemon holds monthly, where the profits go directly to charity. These are good community events where the residents not only have a good laugh, but they also feel that warm glow of doing a good deed. Social psychologist Naomi Eisenberger explains that there’s a neurological cause for that ‘warm glow’. She says, “When we help another person, or donate to charity we see ‘reward-related’ activation in the brain. These acts of kindness typically lead to positive feelings or what is sometimes referred to as the ‘warm glow of giving’”.