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The Reassurance of a Community

Moving into a retirement community is, unquestionably, a very big decision that requires plenty of careful thought and planning. The majority of retirees consider the move to a retirement community when they start to feel the burden that comes with living alone and maintaining the daily chores. Owning and upkeeping a home is a big task for anyone, so it’s no surprise that many retirees often find the maintenance involved more taxing as they age. The following support services are available at LifeCare Residences communities: housekeeping, laundry, room service, maintenance support, care and courtesy shuttle and chauffeur service allowing retirees to relish a more active lifestyle with fewer chores. It is also important to remember that contrary to some perceptions, retirement communities are not ‘nursing homes’; the communities operated by award-winning LifeCare Residences provide vibrant places to live. They provide a full-spectrum of five-star amenities and services that not only make day to day living smoother, but also help to free up time allowing retirees the luxury of time to appreciate the pastimes and hobbies they’ve longed to enjoy. Retirees can be assured that the team at LifeCare Residences is dedicated to putting the comfort of their residents first by providing a wealth of hotel-inspired amenities that help to ensure that well-earned retirement years are lived to the full; furthermore, this enables them to embrace the freedom of having daily chores handled by caring support. A resident of award-winning retirement community Battersea Place, London, Virginia Darbyshire agrees, “I had lived in my last house for about 40 years, and quite simply, it had become too big…I knew I wanted a property that required less maintenance, which would enable me to invest in more time in my interests.” Her daughter Gaby adds, “The transition has been incredibly smooth and it’s reassuring to know that there is help and support on hand should Mum need it. When we first visited Battersea Place, we were impressed with the standard and facilities on offer and, in many ways, Mum now has a better quality of life than I do. It feels like a luxury hotel with its pool and restaurant and cinema, and mum’s apartment is certainly bigger than mine in New York.”

Socialising after retirement can prove a challenge as social circles become smaller, and as a result many retirees may find themselves spending more time alone or relying on family for company. Studies have shown that staying socially active is as important to health as staying physically active – older adults who are socially active handle stress better which leads to improved health. Moreover, staying socially active and feeling part of a community empowers self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. At all LifeCare Residences communities, residents benefit from the services of a lifestyle co-ordinator who organises local excursions, talks from visiting speakers on a variety of topics, onsite activities and functions. With numerous opportunities to socialise including during meals in the onsite restaurants, leisure experiences and outings, many residents find a restored sense of purpose and joy in their social lives once they move in. Many new residents find their social circle expanding once again, as they have an opportunity to meet and make friends in the comfort of their own home with like-minded, vibrant people – which is not only appealing at any age, but also provides a great deal of reassurance for family members knowing their loved ones are happy and fulfilled. What is more, all residences have guest apartments available for the use of visiting friends and family. This sense of reassurance is once again exemplified by a family member of a Battersea Place resident, commenting on the support the LifeCare Residences’ teams provided during lockdown; “The team at Battersea Place is invaluable especially at this time when neither my brother, nor I, can physically be there with Mum.”

Many residents don’t rely on the care services that are in place at LifeCare Residences’ communities, but simply knowing that option is available and can be easily factored into their daily lives is something that residents and family members alike find both liberating and reassuring. Elaine Gaussen, a resident at Grove Place, a beautiful retirement community operated by LifeCare Residences in the Hampshire countryside concurs; “We’re confident that Grove Place will keep us entertained, even if we become less mobile. We knew when we came here, we were planning for the lives we live now – but also for the changing needs or circumstances that might arise in the future. It feels like Grove Place can cater for all eventualities.”