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Specialist equipment for active ageing

In addition, the residents-only gym at Battersea Place has been kitted out with specialist HUR SmartTouch gym equipment which can be tailored to a resident’s personal specifications. All adults experience some level of muscle loss and the ageing process compromises muscle cells’ ability to repair damage. However, research has shown that even into your late 80s, your body still has the potential to build muscle mass which can play a major factor in falls which is why the HUR SmartTouch is an ideal piece of equipment to aid strength training in older age. This system was developed in Finland and designed specifically for active ageing and wellness. It has been designed to combat the risk of falls and tackle Type 2 Diabetes as well as aiding cardiac, hip and knee rehabilitation. Each of its programmes are personalised and every resident at Battersea Place has access to the HUR SmartTouch machines which are ideal for residents who are building up their strength. With settings as low as 0.1KG, it allows greater control as incremental adjustments can be made. This of course provides greater flexibility than the average gym, where weights are rarely lower than five kilograms, added to this, the HUR works with air pressure, which allows residents to exercise in a more comfortable way at an appropriate intensity without risking damage to joints or connective tissue. As the session begins, residents have simple instructions from a virtual personal trainer. Empowered to exercise independently, the touch screen on the machine provides goals and feedback as well as instructions for an immediate sense of achievement as they can see the progress they have made in real time. Susan Balfour, resident at Battersea Place, comments: “I find the HUR system to be very good. The exercises I have been given me to do help strengthen my legs and arms. The machines are easy to use because I have a bracelet that has my specific exercises on it and it monitors and regulates what I do.”
The team at LifeCare Residences recognises the importance of promoting physical activity in older age – as those who exercise not only tend to have improved immune and digestive systems, they have better blood pressure and bone density and a lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers (as well as enhancing mobility, flexibility and balance). All these factors, in turn, equate to a more fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.
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