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The History of Community

Throughout human history, the concept of ‘community’ has played a fundamental role in the social fabric of society. From hunter-gatherer tribes to the digital age in which we live now, communities have provided support, security, and a sense of belonging. In the context of retirement, the importance of community takes on a new dimension, as it can significantly impact the quality of life for retirees. In retirement, individuals often face significant life changes, such as decreased social interactions, and the loss of a structured, daily routine. Retirement communities, such as the ones owned and operated by LifeCare Residences, help to provide a crucial source of social and emotional support during this transition. They offer an integrated network of like-minded individuals who share similar life experiences. Additionally, research has shown that active participation in communities can have a positive impact on mental and physical health.

Residents at Grove Place (Hampshire), Battersea Place (London) and Somerleigh Court (Dorchester) can immerse themselves in social activities, and outings or join clubs, and this can help contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling retirement. Community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness, and can also add extra meaning, purpose and enjoyment to everyday life. Feeling part of a community and making new connections, through hobbies or a social group, are key factors that can help improve and enrich one’s retirement years. Day-to-day living is made as easy and maintenance-free as possible in a community, as well as providing peace of mind that future healthcare needs will be met when necessary.

The retirement villages operated and owned by Lifecare Residences provide vibrant and community-led places to live offering a full spectrum of five-star amenities and services that make day-to-day living smoother. The team at LifeCare believes that staying socially active and feeling part of a community empowers self-esteem and a sense of self-worth.  To help achieve this, every LifeCare Residences retirement community benefits from the services of a lifestyle co-ordinator. The on-site events coordinators at Battersea Place, Somerleigh Court and Grove Place in Hampshire are dedicated to helping facilitate a wide array of clubs, activities and classes to get involved in, as well as helping to arrange interesting trips and visits. With numerous opportunities to socialise, including during meals, leisure experiences and outings, many residents find a restored sense of purpose and joy in their social lives once they move in.

Grove Place, located in the rural Hampshire countryside is now home to retirees Elaine and Philip Gaussen who made their move there to begin the next chapter in their lives and have never looked back. Elaine adds, “We hadn’t realised how strong the Grove Place community was before we arrived. It’s so lovely to have nice friends and neighbours to socialise with. Everyone is so kind, and we feel at home here.” Like all LifeCare Residences communities, Grove Place provides ample opportunity for residents to meet like-minded people and even get involved in a range of activities and clubs on offer – be it board games, craft, ukulele, cards, falconry, archery, bridge, or music. Grove Place brings together all the elements of an exceptional lifestyle: an idyllic location, a proud provenance, hotel-inspired amenities, professional staff and 24-hour support and care.  Should you require additional support, you can also avail yourself of services such as a companionship service, housekeeping and laundry, maintenance support and concierge service.

At Battersea Place, located in the heart of London, residents relish the fact that the nation’s capital is a hub for culture and entertainment – and community. Retirees in London have access to a wealth of services and amenities, events and restaurants right on their doorstep. The nation’s capital provides a diverse mix of history and culture, with many museums and galleries a plenty, such as the Tate, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum and the National Gallery to name but a few, with many providing free entry. London also boasts a wealth of historic landmarks, jostling for space among theatres, cinemas, restaurants and bars. At Battersea Place, residents enjoy the popular Theatre and Opera Supper Clubs, Book Club and the Gentleman’s Discussion Club and live screenings from the Royal Opera House, as well as Friends with Shakespeare workshops. The latest screenings included Monteverdi’s ‘L’incoronazione di Poppea’ and Jean Racine’s dramatisation of ‘Phédre’. In addition, the team at Battersea Place hosts Musical Dinners, Murder Mystery Nights as well as residents’ talks and lectures from visiting film and art historians. It doesn’t end there – residents can join a Bridge Club as well as turn their hand to Scrabble, or even an art class. The on-site events coordinator is on hand to create a revolving door of activities and outings for residents to enjoy together. Resident, Kathleen Rawes, adds, “The central London location of Battersea Place is ideal for getting out-and-about – my new home is perfectly positioned to offer access to everywhere I need to be and I have widened my social circle considerably.” To showcase the wonderful lifestyle on offer, Battersea Place will be hosting a ‘Cinema and Supper’ event on two different dates; Thursday 23rd November or Tuesday 5th December 2023 from 5-8pm hosted in the on-site cinema and restaurant.

At Somerleigh Court, located in Dorchester, visitors often comment on the wonderful family-feel of the community.  To help facilitate this, there is a revolving calendar of events, talks and excursions for residents. Resident, Barry Rutherford, a retired policeman, agrees that moving to a retirement community provides the ideal opportunity to feel part of a community, starve off loneliness and make new like-minded friends. “I didn’t know anyone before I moved in, but now I have plenty of like-minded friends to chat to. I’m surrounded by friends. There is a full programme of events to enjoy such as interesting guest speakers and visiting musicians and a regular pianist comes in and plays on request which is delightful. There is a wider and more interesting cross-section of people here at Somerleigh Court than there were in my old village!”

Living in retirement communities such as the ones operated by LifeCare Residences, provides residents with a rich and varied retirement. The history of community reveals its enduring significance as a cornerstone of human society. In retirement, the benefits of a strong and supportive community are paramount in enhancing the quality of life for those in their golden years.

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