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The best of both worlds – security and independence

Tricia Caffyn and her husband Neville made the move to Grove Place and relish the sense of security that comes with such a supportive community and a sense of newfound independence. They still enjoy running their own lifestyle but with the added knowledge that they can choose between entertaining friends in their apartment for example – or popping out to enjoy a meal at the restaurant with other residents. Tricia comments, “We are still very much in charge of our own routine. Grove Place has enabled us to enter into the next stage of our lives with the confidence that our lifestyle doesn’t have to be compromised.” This sentiment is echoed by Peggy Bigglestone who agrees that Grove Place offers retirees the best of both worlds; “… the whole community has a great atmosphere. I like the company and my neighbours most of all, but also the privacy that I have as and when I want it. I feel very safe here.” Many residents don’t rely on the care facilities that are in place at Grove Place, but simply knowing that option is available and can be easily factored into their daily lives is something that residents find both liberating and reassuring. Elaine Gaussen concurs; “We’re confident that Grove Place will keep us entertained, even if we become less mobile. With its host of communal spaces and onsite restaurant, we’re assured that life will never become dull. We knew when we came here, we were planning for the lives we live now – but also for the changing needs or circumstances that might arise in the future. It feels like Grove Place can cater for all eventualities.”

Grove Place is operated by LifeCare Residences who is committed to delivering outstanding care, authentic choice and unrivalled hospitality with the amenities of a five-star hotel.

On 28th, 29th and 30th January, Grove Place will be hosting VIP Viewing Events by appointment only. If you would like to discover more about luxury retirement living and what is available, please contact Wendy Griffith on: T. 023 8074 3592 or E. [email protected]

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