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A time for future-proofing

The recent global pandemic has highlighted that none of us know what the future holds. Should your current state of health deteriorate for any reason, retirement communities provide the reassurance that help is on hand in the form of care such as domiciliary care into your apartment, visiting health professionals and even onsite nursing homes – for short or long-term nursing or convalescence. Many residents don’t rely on the care facilities that are in place at LifeCare Residences communities, but simply knowing that option is available and can be easily factored into their daily lives is something that residents find both liberating and reassuring. Elaine Gaussen, another resident concurs; “We knew when we came here, we were planning for the lives we live now – but also for the changing needs or circumstances that might arise in the future. It feels like Grove Place can cater for all eventualities.”

Moving to a retirement community earlier can give retirees back their independence and a renewed sense of living life on their own terms. Freed from chores, less reliant on family or friends for assistance, and with more time and energy to enjoy friends and hobbies – many residents feel happier and healthier in their new lifestyle, so the temptation to move earlier has never been greater.

If you would like to learn more about our offering and how we can enhance the ‘every day’ please call T. 0800 009 6950.

For those who are unable to visit in person, we are also able to offer virtual tours of our communities at your convenience.