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Battersea Place, London

London’s first luxury retirement community, offers an independent lifestyle in the company of like-minded people.  Contemporary one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, are serviced by intuitive, friendly staff committed to providing award-winning service. Battersea Place is conveniently located in central London, overlooking Battersea Park, and is a short stroll from the elegant streets of Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Amenities at Battersea Place

Battersea Place has all the facilities of the best hotels serviced by staff that take the time to know what their residents want. The friendly and efficient concierge service can help with reservations and activities within the community and beyond. There is a Restaurant and café bar onsite as well as a swimming pool, spa pool, cinema, gym, private courtyard garden, billiards room, lounge and library. For enjoyment further afield, there is a chauffeur service, car club and minibus.

All amenities are for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.

“People are happy here. I don’t think you would find anywhere else that would make you happier.”

Anne Hobson was an inaugural resident of Battersea Place, moving from Fulham with her partner Christopher, in 2016. “When we went to look at Battersea Place, we thought, ‘Actually, this is what we want – it’s got everything.’”


Reflecting on the move, Anne observes, “What I loved more than anything was how lovely the people were here; not just the staff but the people (residents) moving in.  Everybody cared about everyone else.  I found that very, very rewarding. People very easily make friends.


Whilst there were always lots of events going on, if you wanted to be on your own, you could.  If you just wanted to walk round the garden and get some exercise, you could – no one interrupted you unless you went to talk to them.  This was the lovely thing.  It was very much a place for people to be with other people or on their own – you had a choice and I loved that.”


Anne Hobson - Battersea Place Resident

Seven years on and Anne sees a transformation in new residents moving in, “I find it remarkable because I see people arriving and they can look terribly apprehensive and I think ‘I understand how you feel, you’re worried, you don’t know what you’re going to – it’s an unknown quantity. You were probably happy in your last place but for various reasons you’re moving.’  What’s incredible is they come in looking sad and withdrawn, and suddenly you see them three or four weeks later – they’re sitting playing Scrabble with somebody or they are outside reading a newspaper and there’s always happiness there.  I have never come into any room and not seen happiness which is quite something.”


When asked how living at Battersea Place has transformed Anne’s own life, she responds “It’s confidence.  You get confident that you can cope with life. I used to worry if I had a fall, my beloved daughter would have to travel down to London from Warwickshire, and I didn’t want that for her.  I wanted her to feel that wherever I was, I was self-sufficient.  I don’t want for anything now.  The staff are lovely – they are there to help you and they really do – they are wonderful. There’s a lot that’s given to you which I don’t think you would get anywhere else. So, it’s like being in a very good hotel.”


Anne concludes, “I think this is joyful. I don’t think there is anything better than living here.”


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